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see you tomorrow. bye! ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? and a shop owner says they are not welcome in his store. tune in to find out. and the shocking video next. i am lying about the video just like the obama administration did. and finally is it race they's people magazine always picks a white guy for the sexiest man of the year? some say no. i don't like the new studio. >> you don't like the new studio? >> no. i want to go back to the old one. >> i think this will be
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permanent at least from now on. >> i like everything. everything is backwards and confusing. you should go back to the other one. >> i tell people on twitter don't get upset about the new studio. >> i don't know why you chose to shoot at a different studio. it is "the five" studio. >> i am not familiar. whatever, don't like the studio. >> the studio doesn't like you. let's welcome our guests. she's so hot she is mistaken for a welding iron. i am here with brooke goldstein the children's rights institute and director of the law fare object. good for you. and he is so ripped he once cut himself on his abs. it is chris baron with an amateur november mustache. and in november he is considered a snowball, it is bill schulz. and if hilarity was a speed limit i would violate him on a highway. sitting next to me, gavin mcbegin tee. he is writing for talking
12:02 am >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i guess i didn't get done with the intros fast enough. if you voted for the one, your shopping days are done. he took out a full page ad telling obama voters to stay away from his shop. cope reynolds, if that is his real name placed the ad in the white mountain independent. it reads, "if you voted for barack obama your business is not welcome at shout west shooting authority. you have broofn -- proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm. reynolds tells the phoenix times that this is more of a political statement more than anything else saying, quote, of course it is impossible to enforce. if they don't say anything you will never know. but he maintains if they own up to it, we will not serve them. this goes way beyond gun control which many think is why we did this.
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meanwhile, the door remains open to all at the red panda house. >> they should have kept the door shut. why shouldn't a business owner tell customers they are not welcome if they are voting for a guy whose policies are against his best interest? >> i am i supposed to disagree with this? i am glad he is doing that. there is an assumption that obama was a great union president who will bring us altogether. he is not like those other decisive politicians. we don't like you. we shouldn't have to be your friend. screw these idiots who voted for this guy. >> you are bitter, aren't you? >> my melt down is only simmering now. >> at least we don't have to be your friend anymore, you fool. >> we had your dad on and i
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was worried about you. >> i think he presented some of that to me and i couldn't help. >> you said in the green room this guy is your new hero. >> absolutely. this is such an inspiring pro democracy message. i am going to punish you for exercising your right to vote by trying to impede your second amendment ability to bear arms. he put up a sign saying no hispanics. >> it is private property. he doesn't want people there. >> he doesn't want ethnic people there. >> you are making the assumption he is talking about race when he is talking about belief. i think it is okay to seg great you gate on belief -- to segregate on belief. but it is wrong everything else. >> and look at the stuff. look who voted for obama, people who just don't care about their second amendment right. it is totally use -- useless. >> you were being sarcastic in the green room. by the way, is this legal?
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>> yes. >> he is discriminating against belief. have i never heard that before. >> the left does this all the time. the same people who are wailing and teeth about this are the same people who were boycotting chill fill a because they have -- chill fill a who were -- because they had positions they don't like. do i think this is smart business? no. is it within his right to do so? heck ya. i remember pen jaw let was on the show. and pen jaw let said i will never have you over to my house for dinner because you believe in god. that is really no different. right? they are just believing in a different god. >> is there anything wrong with that? >> i don't think so. i think it is bad business. at least this is more honest than working at a restaurant and spiting in somebody's food. right now he is saying don't come into my restaurant. >> that's true. and thank god the spiting on the food thing is hard to
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prove. >> you didn't even work at the restaurant you were spiting food. >> no, i just wait. they walk by and then it was like the third gunman just spiting at food as he went by. people allowed to boycott or man cot as i prefer the term. and people are allowed to say they don't want to get -- people are allowed to be d-bags. he doesn't have to give it that. there are 730 people in the town that did vote for obama. it sounds like not that big of a town. he is shooting himself in the foot as far as bad business is concerned. but he can do it. >> nicely done the way he worked the little gun thing in there. >> i think you are taking politics too seriously when you do something like this. you disagree. i disagree with you, and i can't remember your name because you are three different people. gavin, i was going to call uh mixture of your dad and your
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other brother, simon? miles. >> that's the problem with the multiple personalities. >> i think it is like now you are taking something too seriously. i guess it feels good, but it is better to discriminate on ideas. >> didn't you love that libertarian guy who said i am never speaking to a democrat ever again? >> i thought it was funny. >> he was an idiot. >> by the way -- >> and that's an attention whore. look at me, look at me. the interview was like, who he save somebody who was drowning that was a democrat? talk about a d-bag. >> but the answers were funny. i think he was being funny. >> but i think it was a way of saying here is a taste of your own medicine. >> it is also a great assumption that people would want to hang around with him. i don't think they were lining up. >> i want to move on, but that's actually the biggest point here. these people are just giving a dose of the intolerant message you get from the left.
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>> the left's assumption was after they elect the messiah we will all come together in worship of him. a lot of companies have said if you elect him, it is not that we have beef. we can't afford to pay for this. we can't afford to pay for his medicare. we will have to lay people off. they get these boycotts. not only do you have to vote for him, but if you don't vote for him, even after the election, if you go bankrupt you are a racist. >> all right, whatever. from guns to arrows. he went on for awhile there. i zoned out. i was thinking about chicken and tear -- teriaki. does your perfect fit have to love mitt? they are matching singles paced on parton ship. it allows social issues to foreign policy and then shop for significant others accordingly. says the 27-year-old founder,
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quote, while it is not a make or break issue at the beginning, it can evolve into one if you hide your political values into later on in the relationship. the status quo is to avoid politics on the first date, but politics will come up and politics defines a lot about our values. neither side is my type. i go for this. >> just imagine that on your back. it is fan it is a snik. on -- it is fantastic. or on your front. chris, you only date -- if you onto dated gay republicans you would not be dating, period. >> i think this was dumb. honestly there was not a lot of lines i would cross. >> this is politics.
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it is over politicization. it has permeated all of our culture. you can't even go on a date unless you have pre screened people in advance to make sure that they voted for all of the same candidates you did. >> it is like you have to say that before you have herpes. that's how dangerous. >> you do have to say that? >> and you don't say that, is that bad? >> i am still looking into the legal ramifications of that. one in five people, and there are five people here have herpes. >> it is time to go to commercial. >> i thought it was a given if we were over 30 we have it. >> one it is 20% and for two it is -- two it is 20% and one it is 60%. >> so you are saying you have it and i have it. >> i think we all have it except brooke. >> i have had few sexual partners. do you only have relationships with white wingers? >> absolutely. i mean, i stopped dating
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liberals when i realized i was fighting over the muslim brotherhood infiltration of the white house is not as erotic as i thought it would be. it is a great idea to further divide this country under the guys of -- guise of bringing people together. we heard of this before. it is out of the obama campaign book. this is brilliant. >> you are brilliant. >> i think the obama campaign gave decisiveness a bad name. >> i don't want them buying my guns. >> you have a gun store. >> it is right here, buddy. there is your gun store. >> you find your girlfriends on drug >> i think is ridiculous. my last girlfriend was republican and it always made for good conversations around the dinner table. but we also did not break up because we had differences. she broke up with me because she said i look like a monkey and she doesn't like monkeys,
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but it had nothing to do with politics. >> anything else we have to go through? i don't have a real opinion on this. what i did was i went out of the culture and married a russian who thinks all politics are stupid because all they want to do is achieve. they spent their whole lives under somebody's thumb. >> it shows how affluent we are if we can start nit-picking like this and say i only want this particular view. in my heyday you had to take them to shore. >> by the way, can you imagine the losers who are going to use this site? >> brooke is raising her hand. >> no you would not. >> i would, i swear. >> by the way, just like a million people just signed up for this. >> yes, just for you. >> you are not getting people who look like her by the way. >> from dating sites to nudist rights. should their buns never see the sun? on tuesday the lawmakers are voting on whether to ban public nudity, the culmination
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between stitch less strutters and a public official. under scott wiener's proposal, i know, i know, bear be heinz would be fined -- behinds would be fined with a third offense with possible jail time. said one crusader, i don't think guys hanging out with their clothes off is what san francisco is about. speak for yourself, mr. puritan pants. they say the ordinance goes too far in under mining a tradition. it keeps san francisco weird. so i bet are you wondering what does sleepy cat think of all of this. >> must have been watching cnn. i got you. >> in your cnn face. >> who ever you are.
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>> a bunch of people filed lawsuits arguing the ban infringes on your free speech rights. is exposing your general tills -- genitals an explanation of free speech? >> it is, however this is not a new case. and it is very well established that a government can restrict free speech, especially obscenity and especially when there is a government interest to do so. and there is not only a substantial government interest, but a health interest in putting cloth between you and public seating so they don't have a chance. >> i don't want what is between your cheeks on my cheeks. if i go to court there will be a well hung jury. you know about the whole thing. is san francisco like the town in "the breakfast club" the band dancing. >> i don't think it is anything like that. i mean, look, as a libertarian, i am one of those
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people who is like you are free to do what you want to do as long as it doesn't infringe on somebody else's right. i'm pretty sure this is crossing the line of somebody else's right. if you want to be naked and run around your apartment, that's fine. you feel compelled to do it in front of other people, probably not a right. >> i like how you jeptly do that. >> you are often very nude. and you are against the wishes of people. i have seen you nude. >> with eyeballs. >> this is the question. are practioiners talking about -- practitioners talking about a lifestyle that makes you feel good exposing yourself which is like a guy in a subway exposing himself does. you are a pervert. it is not a lifestyle. >> the funny thing about living in america and being pro liberty is every time you come up with a parameter they blow your mind. i think nudity should be allowed. i have no problem with the human body. i am nude at home all the time.
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my wife is trying to curb that. i don't know. we went to the hospital store and we said you are not allowed to have chunk food in the lobby of hospitals. you said that is ridiculous. and then you see how many obese people they have to deal with and you say maybe you have to push a little too far. have i been to san francisco during gay pride. i said look, it is the body god gave them. enjoy yourself. and then you are walking out and see and you say, oh my god. wow. maybe no. that's a bit rich. >> don't do that. >> but you were actually walking by bill's party. >> i had to convince my son that pirates usually wear two eye patches. >> bill, last word. >> i mean, i'm certainly of
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the mind that if you are not hurting anybody, go ahead and do it. but this is -- you are hurting our eyes. they are traumatizing half the population. unless you get some sort of skin disease where cloth against skin is physically painful to you. i am talking to you psoriasis holders. it is disgusting and you are getting off and offending our eyes. >> and there are no hot nudists. >> you know what that is? that's the proof of capitalism. an attractive person's innate knowledge that they have something that is worth while that should be paid for, and they will not show it off. whereas a homely person doesn't have that feeling and therefore shows the body off, and it is always a homely hideous person. >> the guy is wondering around in the locker room with no towel on is always the fat, ugly guy. it is never the hot, ripped guy. i have been waiting for that. >> as a gay man if you just landed here not as a gay man
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and went, oh may general tale yaw -- eon, male jenna -- general tale yaw, female general tale yaw, that's weird, that looks good. >> i am as straight as they come, and even i know the penis is beautiful. >> how did we get to this horrible place? i have to move on. stop. stop with the genital talk. will smith is gay -- ning weight as a fat person. and he went from filling or physicians to -- orfices to offices. should he retire because of his porno past? william harrison didn't.
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did the stach reveal his
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past? the district attorney has come clean about staring in porn. in the 1970s, a week after being re-elected to office on friday, mark subin, if that is his real name, actually it is, fessed up to his on camera for gnaw indicating in a press conference. >> recently materials have been circulated alleging i was involved in the adult film industry about 40 years ago in new york. those allegations are true. i was an actor in adult films for a short period in the early mean 70s. in the early 1970s. a few weeks ago when asked i denied this to members of the press. i regret that. i apologize for it. >> rumors were started by an anonymous tipster who failed to get a by the from gus
12:23 am
thomas from the 1970s. he was in deep throat part two. here is a clip of him in my favorite "bedroom bedlam." >> is that was a basset and or ron jeremy. girls. the real movie. i love big girls, little girls , fat girls, skinny girls, i love them all. and they all love me. >> there is nothing sexier than a man talking about sex while he is eating. the 70s people must have been blind. if you look at the 70s pornography, not an attractive person in the bunch except marilyn chambers and look what happened to her, brooke. she died. anyway don't answer that. to you, chris because you have
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a mustache that is porno-like, but that was for a cause. if he shaved his mustache he never would have been caught. they caught him by the mustache. >> i think that 1* stachist. you are clearly making assumptions on him based so what was a perfectly fine looking upstanding muss stash. >> that's a terrible mustache. >> i would like to come clean in the 70s i was in a series of movies also. >> you were not even born in the 70s. >> i do believe you did porn. >> your path is filled with so many horrible things that there is no way you will be able to run for public office. , but should this guy have come clean in the beginning or was it smart to lie and keep the job? >> who cares? the most interesting thing about the story is we proved once again that pornography is
12:25 am
the same as politics. it is hollywood for ugly people. >> they love attention. you know what is interesting about new york back then, everyone was on speed. so let's do some more digging. this guy has a lot of an feta means. >> -- anphetamines. >> sounds like a fungi. do you think -- sounds like a fun guy. >> i just don't understand how someone thinks they can get away with lying about being a porn star. being a porn star means that people take pictures of you naked, and they take videos of you naked. there is evidence. it will be unearthed. >> what is that word? extrinsic? i like it when you use new words. >> it was sexy. >> it was sexy. >> bill, you did he maphrodidic porn and we still
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hired you. >> not a big niche. the guy in the press conference was not only wearing a turtle neck, he was wearing a turtle neck with a tweed jacket. >> he wanted to be discovered. >> is that was the point. he was waiting for somebody to say your guy -- you are guy stevens. he could have gone way far away from that persona. i have to say, back then -- that guy was a -- that's the thing -- >> the reason he was made to look like old porn it is so you can see his pea nuss. look at -- >> i think we are throwing around the phrase porn starlightly. i am not sure this guy was a porn star. >> we kicked this show into the groin three times. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and do you have a video of your animal doing something? it is something clean and wholesome. go to fox eye and
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click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. he did some adult stuff. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by break dancing. the dancing that involves spinning on the ground. thanks, break dancing.
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let's see if we got
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anything wrong so far. >> don't like the new stat man. >> it has taken us some getting used to. the fans are going to love it. >> i enjoy the fact that bill is not looking into a camera when the camera -- when he is talking. >>- q. i if you notice, andy, -- >> if you notice, we are in reverse order. that is reverse bill. >> it is like bizarro "red eye." >> exactly. gavin, you said were you in favor of this and screw those who voted for obama. just to make sure, you would be fine if a democratic business leader told republicans to stay out of the store? >> that's your right as a store owner. >> you can even have a religious -- you can say no christians in here. that's the deal. people should make up any moves they want. >> legally i don't think you can do the christian thing. >> that's a stupid law. if it is your private property like your home you can come up with any rules you want. >> expru a catholic? >> i am indeed.
12:32 am
>> no lutherans. >> i like that singer and i am sad he is gone. >> force him out. brooke i don't think it is fair to make this about race. the guy said it is not about race. >> i was just joking. i think it is fair to joke about it. i retract my statement. >> that's the affect of the ban. >> i don't know. i didn't look at the racial and ethnic break down of the obama voters in arizona. >> i did. and she is right. >> i don't think you did, bill. >> pretty sure it did. >> you did say it sounds like a small town. i believe it is 4200 with 736 obama voters. >> not enough to carry the place. but significant amount of a small town. and you notice i am looking at the camera. >> very weird. >> the readers are thankful for that. the viewers. >> all of the readers are thankful. >> i have been out of magazine for six years, longer
12:33 am
actually. >> the left does this all the time. you brought up the boycott of chick-fil-a and papa john. they say it is okay to boycott a business, but not a business owner to boycott customers. >> i think liberals think it is okay to have boycotts when they say it is okay to have boycotts. >> that's more accurate. >> and they love to go after advertisers and not just the consumer. >> i checked out cope reynolds, great name, the gun shop owner. he is at desert scope 1. >> nice. >> here are a few of his tweets. united states dissolving, precursor for civil war. look in here with a link to his radio show. when peaceful revolution is impossible, don't miss the shooting bench today. if you live in arizona please consider signing this petition. we are over 30% there. >> there you go. >> trouble in paradise, it is, woulded up to a frenzy. >> good stuff.
12:34 am
>> lastly, the phoenix time did an on-line poll asking readers what one word described what reynolds is doing. three and a half percent said funny and 9 and a half percent said sad. 6% said smart and 50% said arizona esque. i thought that was funny. >> was that a joke? >> no, that is true. i did not make that up. those are the choices the readers were given. >> okay. >> websites for red state and blue state. i am with you. i think this is silly with caveats which i believe are old-fashioned ties? >> yes, they are. these sites by the way are useless for libertarians. >> absolutely. >> they are part of the conspiracy anyway so we would never sign up for it if there was one. >> all they want is your information to track you. >> then you could pretend.
12:35 am
that's the great thing. if you were like a horny person you would like -- people use and pretend they are trying to get a relationship, when they are just trying to have sex with lonely people. >> what does that have to do with libertarians? >> they can pretend to be right or left at any moment. >> i would do that. a, republicans could be good at the -- in the sack, and b, i am a sexatarian. >> i don't understand why you need to be on the same political spot in the political spectrum than your lover. my wife and i don't agree on anything at all. >> i require my dates to agree with absolutely everything i say. >> i believe that. >> what's the problem with that? >> they will and then secretly not. >> brooke, once you get married all of those like -- the support for your beliefs will disappear. >> put on 100 pounds and he will disart disagrees -- start disagreeing with you. >> he will start breaking
12:36 am
wind. >> you stopped dating liberals when you found out fighting over the muslim brotherhood infiltration was not ironic? >> no it was not erotic. >> oh, okay. i still don't understand the first part, but that's already. san francisco avoiding a nudity ban. how about as far as businesses are concerned let the free market deal with it. if a business wants to allow nudity it should be able to. 23 it does -- doesn't want to uh nudity it shouldn't be able to. >> we are talking about people being nude. >> around your shoulder. >> that's why i didn't say wallet. >> we are talking about people being nude in public. >> san francisco people -- >> it is a separate issue. i agree. but i was asking as far as businesses are concerned. >> is this one of these libertarian questions. questions? >> i am for a business owner saying you can be nude i will
12:37 am
regret saying this. >> and then what will happen is it will be an all nude restaurant. they have to split the resort in half. >> that's what i'm saying. let customers decide. >> smoking and nonsmoking. >> the funny thing is it would be smoking because all of the hot people would be clothed and not smoking would be the naked ugly people. >> that's a bigger problem we have to deal with here. >> the homely? the homely and naked? >> yes. >> if there are any nudists watching this show, they will send their pictures in. >> that is the entire plan. that's why we are doing this. >> we keep making fun of these naked people being ugly. i have been nude in public. when you look like this, people jump on you and mall you. i have one guy who held on to me so tight i had to beat him
12:38 am
of on . >> terrible joke. >> that's how bad it is when you look normal. >> new york district attorney lied about his porn star past. >> i am fairly certain you slandered william henry harrison in this story. >> i would like to apologize to all of his family. he wasn't actually in porn. they didn't have porn back then, but it was etched on trees. >> googling william henry harrison in porn which is what i did, interesting results. >> wasn't he a bachelor? >> con fecialed, i believe. confirmed. i am actually not sure. >> could have been both. >> we don't know, greg, we don't have books to tell us things like that. >> gavin, you said who cares about the guy's porn star past which is how i feel too. but i feel the voters in the district should have been the judges of that and by lying he
12:39 am
denied that ability. >> i guess so. i feel like americans are way too obsessed with the politicians' personal life. i don't want them to do kneeing. just stand there. i want a cardboard cutout. the best politician is a japanese guy who only knows the word no. put him in office. >> you said that last week. your father did. >> it is my mantra ssments. >> like they say, he was rude to someone. i don't care if he had an affair. if somebody was anti-gay marriage and hit on a guy in the airport bathroom, well i didn't try to marry him. that's none of my bees wax. >> you left your bees wax in the green room, by the way. >> gavin, i basically gru with you, but i think he shouldn't have lied about it. his constituents should have had the information so if they don't agree with you or me in this case and it does matter they should have that information available. >> yes. that's part of being a politician. you have to be an open book. i don't understand why personal lives are --
12:40 am
>> he was on imdb. his pictures and video were out there. he has the same muss stash. >> when you base your voting on if someone is cool or not you end up with a president like obama. how about policies for a change? >> i don't disagree. lastly, your point, you don't see how people think they can get away with lying about being a porn star. they only need to get away with it until the election. >> good point. >> two for two. >> they both worked. >> swoosh. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, is there a better alternative to gas? brooke goldstein on why her car runs on kittens. >> what? >> terrible woman. but first, what is this? what is this controversy about? i don't know but it sounds controversial.
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is the issue on world's sexiest man controlled by the klan? "people" magazine saluted channing tatum. i have no idea who he is. it was about his sexy nest. there was something about the cover, his white skin. according to "the daily beast" that's a monster. she writes for a monster of the she notes that 25 of the last 26 sma winners have been as pale as they are pretty. the only exception was denzel washington in 1996. i have that poster above my bed. she said, quote, where are the blair underwoods and tay digs and the terrance howards and howards and the jesse williams and iris eldridge. yes where is blair underwood? he has my chaps. "people" magazine is sensitive to represent people of color. our sexiest man alive issue is no exception. every section includes a diverse -- there is the word, a diverse group of men.
12:45 am
let's discuss in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuuuunnnnnddd. lightning round. >> brooke, one critic says that "people" is coping out. they can't come out and say that black men don't sell magazine covers because there is more white people percentage wise who buy gossip magazines, i guess. >> so the issue is they have chosen black men to be the sexiest men alive, but they don't put them on their cover. what that means is the african-american community is not stupid enough to want to read people magazine. that's it. i think it is a complement. >> well played. >> chris, could you make the case that gay men are also under represented on the list? there is no rupert everett or rupert everett or rupert everett or the delicious rupert everett, or the strikingly -- >> who is rupert everett?
12:46 am
>> who is rupert everett? you, sir, get off the table. i want everybody to tweet a picture of rupert everett to gavin right now. chris, answer the question. >> no. i am so overall of this crap. if there is a word that i could like mute from the entire world vocabulary it is racism. we just got done. the country elected a black man as president for a second term. now i am supposed to believe that the insipent racism in "people" magazine is something we should give a crap out. "the daily beast" is a piece of crap. megan mccain writes for "the daily beast." enough said. >> they said he is hot at the moment, is he sexy, is his career on fire this year? by that logic. you should have won. >> thank you very much, greg. i appreciate that. the assumption here is that
12:47 am
black people read "people" magazine. they read -- i mean i am very close with some black women and they read "essence,"" heart and soul," "ebony" and" sister to sister." they don't read "people." "people" is choosing their readers' fave. i don't think they are too smart. i think the other magazines are just as schmlutzy to use an african-american word. >> i was a write other "heart and soul" and they took all of the articles that i wrote for another magazine like" women's health and prevention" and then they did something to it. that's what they did. the editors would go like, we need to change it. >> they made it black. "heart and soul" should be called black people and" people" should be called white people. white people chose a bunch of white people is the controversy. >> and they should only sell it that guy's gun shop.
12:48 am
>> you are a hemaphrodite and you get shafted every year. ryan gosling. >> gorgeous. >> as a sequential, i wish i had the shaft. >> unnecessary. >> yes, that's what she is doing. she realizes she is angry and does president know what to do with her -- and doesn't know what to do with her anger. everyone knows the goss is off, and nobody is a fanning of channing. but it was the person who would pose for the photos and ryan being an actor and artist would not. >> wow. would you kick either of them out of bed for eating crackers ? >> absolutely not. i would provide the cracker. here he is. >> time to take a break.
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next topic on sunday, jane fonda received the press club's visionary award. fonda said she was surprised by the award given her controversial relationship with the press during her activist days. she said her greatest regret is sitting on that gun. they called her hanoid jane
12:53 am
because of the photo taken in 1972, the same year tennis was invented. doesn't it say more about the press than it does about jane? they are willing to for gect she is a -- for the fact she is a traitor? >> she supports the boycott of jewish film makers at the toronto film festival. she monetarily supports the black panthers, the group that engages in voter intimidation. #kwr* not give her an award from the liberal press? >> that's her sarcasm. >> is she sorry about the picture, or sorry the picture was taken? >> i think she is sorry that she was on a bunch of biker patches and they called her hanoi jane and she was embarrassed and got caught. she is a visionary in the sense that she predicted this wave of socialism that would eventually win. we have been in it for four years and we have another four years to go. we have the new york times reining supreme to this very
12:54 am
day. she is a prophet. >> i have to disagree. i think there is another movement and it is a conservative movement. >> who won the election? >> i don't want to talk about that. way to bring me down. >> you won. we lost, greg. >> chris, what kind of country are we in if we help our enemies ? >> is she even still alive? i could careless about jane fonda. i won't even say her name. it is like beatle juice. ii don't want her to show up in another movie. she is a wretched human being. the thing i regret is that thing didn't go off and blow-other. blow off. she is a terrible, terrible, terrible person. >> on-line your name is hanoi jane. do people confuse you with fonda? >> they do. >> i will tell you something.
12:55 am
my dad is a vet and i get why he doesn't like her. everyone else, i don't know. it doesn't inspire enough bile in me to be like shake my first this way or that way. even in her advanced age i would not kick her out of bed because once again i am a sexitarian. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. dissolve to a break
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
catch me later this morning on the opie and anthony show. barney and company on fox business network later. brand-new "red eye" returns tomorrow. time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> what do you think of greg's speech at the restoration
12:59 am
weekend? >> there was only one whose speech was better than greg's. 2* wasn't mine. it wasn't mine. i want to thank the freedom center for having all of us on restoration weekend. >> you didn't listen to my speech. >> i didn't. >> it felt like a comedy routine more than a speech. >> chris i'm assume thrg is a story behind the stache? >> yes, it is for movember for prostate cancer and other men's cancers. i am rocking this sweet hockey kicks cancer t-shirt for leukemia and lymphoma. go to my website, the real red and there are links to both of these great causes on there. >> gavin, how come nobody bought your book? >> i think people get caught up in charity and helping people, and that can be a little day pressing. don't wante brought down please buy my book. i know only old people buy books, buts you are going to be dead in the next 10

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